Who are we & what do we do?

We are the Parent-Teacher Association for South Orangetown Middle School. Our mission is to help parents navigate this transformational time by keeping these values close: Collaboration, Commitment, Diversity, Respect, and Accountability.

During elementary school connecting with your child’s school and teacher can be relatively straightforward and our kids generally welcome our involvement. However, the hands-on approach of family engagement can change when our kids’ reach middle school and seek more autonomy.  This is a wonderful and natural process, yet it can leave parents feeling disconnected. SOMS PTA works together to fundraise and administer important school and social programs, such as assemblies, dances & parties, reflections, graduation celebrations, and much more! Our monthly meetings are held in the middle school’s beautiful new library with Principal Dr. Corey and Assistant Principal, Dr. Danielle Rodriguez. Several times a year we will have special guests attend our meetings to provide guidance to parents with social and emotional resources. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to hear what is happening at SOMS and to learn how the administration is addressing the needs of our students.

Thank you for stopping by to learn about SOMS PTA!

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