Volunteer Opportunities

Why volunteer at SOMS?

Volunteering at SOMS helps foster the home/school connection. Since the middle school doesn’t have class ambassadors, volunteering on a PTA Committee is your best opportunity to become involved in your child’s life at SOMS. You’ll have a unique perspective on daily logistics and relationships, the opportunity to get to know teachers and faculty, encourage a safe and friendly environment among the student body, and you’ll help the PTA provide resources, events, and activities for our middle school students.


There are several volunteer opportunities available at SOMS.  We have listed some below and a brief description of each position.  If you’re interested in participating, please send an email to somspta@gmail.com. We appreciate your support!

Membership 1-2 volunteers needed to promote/sell SOMS PTA membership via our PTA member hub portal.  Most of this work is done August-November.  A great job for working parents as it can be done from home.

Spirit Wear:  Spirit Wear clothing sales are one of the major fundraisers for SOMS. We typically hold 2 or 3 Spirit Wear sales throughout the school year. Responsibilities include distribution and collection of order forms, placing the clothing order, and distribution of Spirit Wear.

SOMS School Photos:  Yes, school photos are a fundraiser!  The PTA needs 1-2 volunteers to help collect order forms and the Lifetouch photographers on picture day and retake day.

National PTA Reflections Contest:  The National PTA Reflections Program invites students each year,to reflect on a provided theme and create original works of art in the areas of Dance ChoreographyFilm ProductionLiteratureMusic CompositionPhotography, and Visual Arts.

We need 1-2 volunteers to promote the contest and collect submissions.  All needed materials are available online through the National PTA, along with step-by-step guides, advertisements, and promotional materials. It’s a great position for someone who cannot physically come to school during the day!


SOMS School Store:  The school store at SOMS needs 1-2 volunteers each year to oversee the school store. They are responsible for ordering inventory, keeping financial records and, seeking volunteers to work in each store. This is a great position for someone who is able to be in the school during the day!


SOMS Dance and Hospitality Committees –Several volunteers are needed for a variety of dances and events held throughout the year.

The 6th-grade welcome party takes place in the fall, so if you have an incoming 6th grader and would like to help by chaperoning, setting up, cleaning up, please let us know by emailing somspta@gmail.com

The 7th Grade Winter Party is typically in January. We will need chaperones, helpers to set up and break down, as well as food/drink donations.

8th Grade:  We are looking to form a committee for 8th-grade events.  This committee will be in charge of all 8th-grade events and should come up with backup plans if we are not permitted to hold events in school.  Please email somspres@gmail.com if you are interested in helping out!

  • 6th Grade Welcome Dance
  • 7th Grade Winter Social
  • SOMS Staff Appreciation 
  • 8th Grade Graduation Dance
  • 8th Grade Breakfast
  • 8th Grade Moving Up Reception