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What are bylaws?

Bylaws form the legally binding document that governs an association.

Bylaws are designed to help a PTA group function in an orderly manner. The bylaws of the association include all the rules that the society considers so important that they (a) cannot be changed without previous notice and (b) cannot be suspended. Every member of an association board should have a copy of the bylaws and be familiar with them.

These are the current PTA bylaws as amended to conform to the National PTA bylaws. All previous copies are no longer in effect. 6/2022

Frequently Asked Questions

How are changes made to Bylaws?

To consider changes to the bylaws, a small committee should be appointed to study the proposed
changes and to make recommendations to the board for their approval. Your bylaws will tell you
how much notice is necessary. This is usually 30 days. A bylaws change typically requires a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at the general meeting.

who should have copies of the bylaws?

The entire board should have a copy of your current bylaws. Upon request, copies should be made
available to all members. The secretary should have an official copy of the bylaws.

what is a quorum, and how do I know what our unit’s quorum is?

The quorum is the minimum number of members who must be present to conduct business at a
PTA or board meeting. The number for your unit is set by your bylaws. If a quorum is not met at a
meeting, then a vote cannot be taken. You may hold a PTA meeting without a quorum, but a vote
cannot be taken. Check with your state PTA to determine the minimum quorum allowed by state

can bylaws ever be set aside?

Bylaws may “not” be set aside or changed without following the appropriate voting procedures

what is the difference between bylaws and standing rules?

Standing rules outline the procedures of the association with specific details that are not included in
the bylaws and that must not conflict with the bylaws. Standing rules are a board document. Unlike
bylaws which can be changed only by membership, standing rules can be changed more easily,
usually by a majority of the board at a regularly scheduled board meeting.

where can i find examples of bylaws?

You can review the wording of bylaws and standing rules from other local PTA units by asking for
examples from your state PTA, searching online using the keywords “PTA bylaws” or “PTA standing
rules” to see bylaws that other local PTAs have put on their websites, or taking the Parliamentary
Procedure e-learning course at

new york state bylaws, procedures, nominations, and elections resource guide.