“Jambo” with Michael Harrold – 6th Grade SOMS Students, Wed, Nov 30, 2016

“Jambo” with Michael Harrold – 6th Grade SOMS Students, Wed, Nov 30, 2016



Mr. Mike is an energetic and passionate photographer, writer, story-teller, and educator (he’s a NYS certified teacher in Secondary Social Studies).  He grew up on Long Island, in a community quite similar to our own, and his childhood family vacations sparked his love of travel and discovery.


Mr. Mike has come a long way from the family road-trips through the Northeastern United States in the back of his parents’ station wagon.  So far he’s visited 82 countries (only 113 to go)!  When not traveling, Mr. Mike shares his multicultural journeys with students across the United States.  Not only does his program on Egypt and Africa enrich the 6th grade Social Studies core curricula, but his traveling museum of artifacts and photos, combined with his skillful and amusing storytelling, immerses students in the cultures and wonders of the world.


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During his closing remarks, Mr. Mike urged the 6th Grade Class to be grateful for their parents and guardians, and to take advantage of the educational opportunities afforded to them.  He hopes they all develop a love of travel, as it’s the best way to become part of and appreciate the world we live in.  If you’d like to read more about Mr Mike and his travel stories, check out his website http://www.jambopro.com/travel.html