SOMS Locker Day

Locker day is a right of passage here at SOMS.  Each year, rising 6th graders and a parent are invited to SOMS to receive the locker they will use throughout the entire school year.  Your child should have received a school-issued lock while they were in 5th grade.  It is important the lock they use is school issued and not store bought.  The school issued locks have a master key so staff can enter lockers in the event a student cannot.  If the lock is purchased elsewhere, it will have to be cut off if the school needs to enter it the locker.

It’s also a SOMS tradition that students decorate lockers!

We offer LockerWorks Locker Organizers as a PTA fundraiser. 

6th grade Locker Day will be AUGUST 30, 2021

7th Grade Locker Day will be August 26, 2021

If you pre-order your organizer, please stop into the cafeteria to pick up your order that day. We will also have a selection of SOMS Tee’s available to purchase and SOMS drawstring bags ($10 each) Cash only Please.

Please park in the Erie Street Parking lot.  Don’t forget to bring your school issued lock, schedule, and any items you with to decorate your locker with!